How do I contact customer service?
Simply email us at info@jillbeads.com or call 800-991-3149.

How do I care for my Jillbeads jewelry?
We design and craft our products for durability. No liquids, detergents or treated cloths should be used in their care. For best wear, jewelry should be put on after any lotions, perfumes or sprays and should not be worn during strenuous activity. Expect some natural aging effects.

What materials are used in your jewelry?
Generally, antiqued gold plate or antiqued silver plate over base metal alloy. We employ a wide variety of glass and synthetic stones, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, turquoise and pearls. All ear wires are gold-filled or sterling silver and our posts are surgical steel. There is no nickel or lead used in our jewelry.

What is the sizing of your jewelry?
Most of our necklaces are adjustable, between 15″ to 18″, with some a bit longer. Bracelets are generally 7-1/4″ to 7-1/2″. We have attempted to indicate lengths on the description of each individual item. We do offer 3″ extenders in 2 colors to match our necklaces. Note: see sizing chart below.

How do I have my Jillbeads jewelry repaired?
While it is impossible to guarantee the lifetime of any piece of jewelry we make every effort to restore a damaged piece, or locate a missing mate or part. Please bring your piece to your local Jillbeads retailer or contact us directly.

Do you replace missing stones?
Yes, we replace missing stones. Please bring your piece to your local Jillbeads retailer or contact us directly.

How long does a repair take to process?
Most repairs are shipped back within 4 business days after we receive the return.

Can I order your earrings with different attachment mechanisms (clips, etc)?
No, our pieces are designed to function as the earring type that appears on the website and in our catalog.

How do I find prices for your jewelry?
Each of our retailers determine their own pricing. Contact a Jillbeads retailer near you for pricing information.

How do I become a Jillbeads retailer?
Please complete the Contact Form. Once we have your information we will have a sales representative contact you directly.

Do you have best sellers?
We publish a list of our best sellers which is updated each quater. You can review this list by clicking HERE.

How can I receive a catalog?
Retailers may request a printed copy of our current catalog by completing our contact form.