Meet Jill – The 3D Version

By Loren Snyder

How did Jillbeads begin? Life takes funny turns and it actually is something I literally fell into. I was staying at home with my baby on maternity leave. Trying to keep social and sane, I joined a Mommy group and met a wonderful lady-Carmen. We were both excited about our new friendship and she was kind enough to make me a bracelet. My background was in art and I was very excited about this bracelet. That day she taught me how to make jewelry. We continued making jewelry together and started a small business in Novi, Michigan. It was great to be able to stay at home with my family and have a creative outlet.

The creative outlet turned out to be so much more. A few years later we moved to Colorado and my friends and family encouraged me to have open houses and sell to retail stores. With more and more encouragement and support Jillbeads began to grow and become a real business.

“My husband Vic has become an integral part of this business. He has been supportive of me and instrumental with marketing the brand. We expanded with manufacturer’s representatives nationwide and advertised in several trade magazines. We are now international – expanding into Canada. I can truly say Jillbeads this has been a daydream come true.”

Where do you get your inspiration? It may sound a bit corny and cliché, but I really do look to nature and things around me. When we drive to the mountains I love to look at the different colors. The natural red sand next to the dark green evergreens is wonderful. The beautiful hues of yellow in the Aspen trees pop. In everyday life, I look at color combinations in stores. Displays of color and how they arrange them. I love to see neutral colors emerge with a splash of color. I now have a Pantone app that can take a picture and extract certain color combinations. I like being observant and translating my impressions into my work.

What is important to you? I think it is important to be 3D! I love being mom/ wife and I also love having a career. I love being called the jewelry lady that’s Andrew and Sydney’s mom. It has always been important to me to have outlets and interests both inside and outside my family.

I belong to an inspiring networking group- Ladies in Biz. We all come from different backgrounds and convene once a month to discuss business topics and support one another. This group is special to me because we are not there to sell products to each other but we are there to support and brainstorm with one another to grow our businesses.

Anything Else? My latest obsession is puppies. Who doesn’t love puppies? I started volunteering with the Colorado Puppy Rescue. I love helping out these helpless little pups and get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering my time. I also have enjoyed photographing the puppies. It’s a win/win-I get to combine my passions of puppies and photography together!

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