We Like Visiting You!


By Jill Pfefer

While the kids are at sleep away camp, Vic and I enjoy going on roadtrips.  We decided this year to take a 2,000 mile road trip throughout New Mexico and Arizona.  The weather was great-it was not as hot as it could have been- only 104 degrees in Phoenix. During our exploration we wanted to visit some of our retailers.  It was wonderful to meet the store owners and see the displays in the stores.

We visited Glass Creations in Glendale, AZ.  Here is a picture of Joann Chase and me at her front counter display.  She has Jillbeads in a several tiered glass case.

The second place we visited was Indulge Gallery in Sedona, AZ. Stephanie was nice enough to show us around her gallery. As you can see the Jillbeads jewelry was displayed on white leather in a horizontal glass case. She also had another stand alone display.

Thank you for such a warm welcome and showing us around your store!

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